Process: Organization

AdobeStock_118294172.jpegA few months ago, I combined my handwritten and typed copy into one document. As I was doing this, I noticed my book lacked a cohesive structure. Not every chapter was the same. One chapter had 5 writing prompts and another had 3. The book felt like a mess.

I wanted to add a couple more nursery rhymes, but I was experiencing writer’s resistance because I didn’t know where to start. I thought if I knew the parts of each chapter, it would give me a starting place for adding more nursery rhymes.

                Here’s what I did. I selected five sections that each chapter would have: Nursery Rhyme, Narrative about the Nursery Rhyme, Analysis, Brainstorming, Writing and Revising. The sections mirror the creative process for writing a poem.

                The first section introduces a writer to another poet’s work.  Second, the narrative explains the poetic elements of the nursery rhyme. Third, the writer analyzes the nursery rhyme to make observations about what the author is doing on the page. Fourth, the writer brainstorms ideas for the poem she will create based on the inspiration of the nursery rhyme. Fifth, the writer revises one of the poems she wrote in the previous section.

I also thought a solid structure would help the graphic designer lay out each chapter and help teachers who use the book in whole class instruction. I wrote the five sections on post-it notes and placed them above my computer. I looked at them while I was writing to stay focused and consistent.

I have the five sections, but I need taglines for each section. This is where you come in. Share with me your ideas for what I can name the five sections of each section. I look forward to your ideas!

Order your copy of the book here.


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