Lighten the Load Campaign


You probably have heard about the hundreds and thousands of dollars teachers spend out of their own pockets to buy supplies and instructional materials for their classroom. Most teachers are underpaid, overworked and under-appreciated. This burden is even heavier on those who work in under-resourced schools.

One of my goals for my book, How to Create a World, is to help teachers and students in under-resourced schools easily bring poetry and creativity to their classrooms. These schools usually lack the means to bring working artists into their classrooms to do writing workshops.

While grants and governmental funding are available, those sources often don’t provide enough to fully close the gap such schools face. This is where I think a commonly quoted African proverb can be helpful: It takes a village to raise a child.

It takes a village to improve the education of children in all types of circumstances. We can definitely write long social media posts bemoaning the perils of U.S. public education. We can demand our elected officials increase funding. We can even call upon organizations and churches to do their part.

And all of those efforts have their place. But, we, too, can be a part of the solution that lightens the load. Here’s a simple way you can be a part of the solution.

From now until August 15, I’m doing a Lighten the Load campaign. Donations will be gathered to give copies of my instructional book to classrooms in under-resourced schools. My goal is to give full classroom sets. Most classrooms range from 20-30 students.

For every $5 donated, I will donate 1 book to a classroom. You can donate any amount you wish. If you are a business owner, your business can lighten the load as well by giving any amount you wish. You can donate via the Cash app at $chasitywrites or via PayPal.

Remember the Lighten the Load campaign ends August 15 so make your donation today. Thanks in advance for you help in Lightening the Load and Brightening a Child’s Day.

Learn more about my book here.

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