25 Reasons Why You Need This Book in Your Classroom

Little girl and her dog looking out the window.


Many of you are back in the classroom or are preparing to return. I’m sure you will want to help your students grow as writers. My book, How to Create a World, can help you do that. The book is suitable for third grade students, all the way to high schoolers. As you are gathering resources for this new school year, you should definitely add How to Create a World to your library.

Here’s 25 reasons why.

  1. Poetry is dope.
  2. No planning is required.
  3. It’s 8.5 x 11 – the perfect size for making copies.
  4. Students can self-guide themselves through the writing prompts.
  5. Makes teaching writing simple and easy. Removes guesswork and frustration.
  6. Develops fine motor skills through writing, doodling and coloring
  7. Stimulates creativity
  8. Students can work at their own pace.
  9. It can be used as an activity during rainy, snowy days.
  10. Easy to leave as sub plans.
  11. Great for morning work
  12. Appeals to lower level and higher level learners
  13. Illustrations ease the reluctant reader into reading and writing
  14. Feed imagination
  15. Students can share their work with their peers.
  16. Individual work or group work
  17. Builds listening skills by having students listen to their peers’ poems
  18. Builds confidence in public speaking by reading their poems to others
  19. Grows vocabulary
  20. Strengthens reading skills
  21. Improves writing skills
  22. Inspires students to write on their own
  23. Incorporates books by diverse authors into your classroom
  24. Aligns with Common Core standards
  25. You can spark the love of writing for the future Gwendolyn Brooks, Terrance Hayes, Pablo Neruda or Emily Dickinson who is sitting in your classroom.

Pre-order the book here while it’s on sale. You can order a single book or a set for your classroom. It will be released in September.

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