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How to Create a World is a poetry book that teaches students what the title indicates.

Using nursery rhymes as models, the book instructs students in the elements of poetry (i.e. form, stanza, rhyme, repetition). Rather than the typical poetry writing book that just gives students writing prompts, my book walks students through the entire writing process. They brainstorm, create, develop, and revise.

               This book includes illustrations and graphic organizers to evoke creative ideas. It  reaches the visual learner and the reluctant writer. Making lists and filling bubble charts feel less like writing and more like free play. Multiple pages give students opportunities to doodle. Not only is students’ creative nature developed, the book boosts their fine motor skills through handwriting and drawing. Multiple studies have shown a positive link between motor skills and brain development. And, a healthy brain means children learn better and retain more of what they learn.

The book will be available fall of 2018 in print form. Students will write, color and doodle in the book. An e-book will be released as well. Classroom sets are available for teachers and administrators who want to use the book as a part of whole class instruction. Pre-order your copy or set here.

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