The Burden of a Teacher


Yesterday, I announced the start of my Lighten the Load campaign. If you missed it, you can learn more about it here. Essentially, I am collecting donations to give copies of my books to students in under-resourced schools. For every $5 donated, I will donate 1 book to a classroom.

Here’s more context for why this is such an issue.

A 2016 Time article detailed the peril many U.S. teachers are facing as they try to stock their classrooms with necessary supplies. According to the Education Market Association, the average teacher spent about $500 of their own money on supplies. If you consider how little some teachers get paid, this makes this number an even staggering blow.

A survey conducted by Communities in Schools found that 90% of teachers in low-income areas spent their own money to buy school supplies due to parents who can’t afford to do so.

Teachers are tasked with a major feat of educating the next generation. Those who work in under-resourced schools often have children who have large learning gaps and come from challenging homes. They teach students with the highest needs with the lowest amount of resources. It’s no surprise that teacher turnover is higher in schools with large rates of poverty.

Sometimes hearing this information is overwhelming, and you may have felt helpless. Thankfully, you can do something.

Join the Lighten the Load campaign and make a donation of any size to help teachers spend less of their own money to provide their students with the materials they need to learn. You can donate via the Cash app at $chasitywrites or via PayPal.

Businesses can participate as well.

Thank you for Lightening the Load and Brightening a Child’s Day.

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